BANGALORE:  If you walk into  64 Bistro Bar, Cafe Flamenco,Cafe Mauh or Hysteria the paintings on the walls are something one cannot miss .Creativity can begin from anywhere and at any age. For 22 year Vaishak it all began when he was around 5 years old.                                                                                           
” My mother used to learn art from a teacher who came home,” Says Vaishak who just graduated from Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College of Engineering, ” I was restless child and my mum gave me a pencil and a paper to keep me occupied. ” Watching his mother’s art teacher teach, Vaishak picked up the basic of  drawing. In his school years Vaishak learned from his friends and many other artist who came and went. ” Everyone has had an influence on me ,” said Vaishak, ” I had the opportunity to watch artist like M.F. Hussain work in front of me. I admire all types of art whether it is digital, airbrush or on automobiles”

In school Vaishak won several state level and inter school art competition but it was in 8th grade when he was work received extra attention. ” In an art competition I painted  a picture of a historic ruins with grass growing around it,” said Vaishak, ” Well you can say it symbolized abandonment. Little did I know that it would fetch me  a gold medal at National level. I won a Bal Ratna.”

The incident was an eye opener for Vaishak and his parents, who learned the most from his mother, grandmother and his art teacher.Vaishak had made several portraits of legends like Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe etc and also made portraits using glass paints.
He took his talent to the next level when he started painting on fabric. Vaishak customised almost anything. From jackets to jeans to shows, caps and even guitars.A lot of his clients have also allowed him to be abstract. ” Of course they do drop hints” ,says Vaishak

” I built and customized my own guitar. My friends saw it and that is when the demands started pouring in.” says Vaishak who applied everything that he learned in college in making his highly demanded guitars.” Soon I am going to start painting bikes. I wanted to do mechanical engineering to built bikes, choppers, motorcycles and customize them.” said the aspirant who is not very far from achieving his goals.

“It’s hard to tell no to people” says Vaishak who has a Facebook page showcasing all his work, ” It was difficult balancing college and work. The Facebook page attracts a lot of people and they don’t realise It is just one person doing everything.”

“A friend had introduced me to the owners of cafe Flamenco. They initially wanted graffiti work on the walls but later settled to showcase my paintings” said Vaishak.

Now Vaishak keeps getting calls to show case his work in galleries and cafes which he mostly prefers. ” Only if it helps me fetch a lot of money enough to support myself, then only will I set up my own shop, for now I rather be employed.” says Vaishak who is currently working on the french window at Cafe Muah.