student budgeting
BANGALORE: From earlier time Bangalore was always a high end city. Since the establishment of Hindustan aeronautic, telephone industries etc Bangalore was one of the first cities to develop an IT hub further attracting heavy industries to India. But with such great developments comes high cost of living. However this doesn’t seem to be an issue for nonresident students. But Bangalore does manage to attract a good bunch of students from all over India, from all sorts of economic settings.

The garden city is most favored for its pleasant climate, large number of restaurants and pubs and also home to several prestigious institutes. This city has it all. The multi cultured setting makes students life even more relaxed. There is always something to look forward too. Everything here comes with a premium price tag to it. But how many students think it is just a small price to pay and for how many is it a steal?

Nerita Lewis, Mount Carmel College:  Coming from Kuwait I feel that Bangalore is pretty affordable in terms of shopping and food. I have no complains about that as such. I have been in Bangalore for 2 years now. Kuwait can get very expensive. Everything there is equally good but bits too expensive .I manage to spend around Rs 8000 to 10,000 including paying guest expenses which is Rs 4500 a month. So basically I don’t have to worry about water bills, electricity bills, utility bills etc. on weekends an average of Rs 1000 is normal. A good restaurant will cost you Rs 500 and above. Initially everything seemed overwhelmingly expensive I used to spent around Rs 15,000 a month but I soon found my way around and I am able to budget better.


Ajay Kumar, Christ University:  I was brought up in Chennai and came to Bangalore for higher education. I was told that both the cities are very similar. They are in most ways. I’ve been n Bangalore for 3 and a half years and I think I’ve been able to manage my expenses better over the years. I manage to spend between 13,000- 14,000 Rs a month. I suggest students to stay in paying guest services or hostels because staying in an apartment can be a lot of work, even though paying rents too have gone up. It depends on the areas they live into. In my 1st year I had a one bedroom apartment for which I have to pay electricity bills, water bills, utility bills etc. the bills would mainly range between 200 to 500 Rs but as a student you tend to forget that you have to take care of all this yourself. The autos tend to take up a large chunk of my allowance. The bus services are convenient but after a certain time they are not available. Also the last mile has to be travelled by foot or auto and that takes a lot of time. In Chennai there are buses till 3 or 4 in the morning with a small concession for students for bus passes.


Divya Thomas, Mount Carmel College: I am new to Bangalore and have already started to feel the pinch. I was aware of high cost of living even for students but now I’m actually getting to experience it. I feel the autos take up a major chunk of my allowance. None of the autos are below 100 Rs and very few of them use the meter or minimal fare. The bus takes a lot of time and we cannot afford to be late to classes so we end up taking an auto. The hostel I’m staying in charges 20, 000 deposit and Rs 3000 as monthly rent. It’s not advisable to spend over RS 10,000 a month that would be too much. Ina Mangalore I student would need around 5000 to 6000 Rs for monthly expenditure. An apartment or a paying guest accommodation located near college will definitely cost more. So many students usually stay ahead of the college areas.


Kajal Sabherwal, Christ University: I don’t see many youngsters in Hyderabad actually. There aren’t many. So I decided to come to Bangalore. When we are at home we don’t realize expenses like house rent and bills so when we leave home and find a place of our own everything seems overwhelming.  Compared to other cities, if a student Is spending Rs 10,000 a month then it is not bad. Then again we youngsters are spoilt too. We want everything to be the best or branded and not many compromise so we cannot complain that Bangalore is expensive. For my 1sy year I stayed in an apartment with 3 other students. The rent was Rs 11,000 which was split amongst us. We used to cook for ourselves but that wasn’t possible all the time. So we started eating out frequently. Now that I moved to a paying guest accommodation everything is so much better and relaxed. Now I don’t feel like eating out. I miss home food o I eat at the mess. Weekends it is certain that we spend a minimal of 500 R. We often go for movies and then grab a meal later so my main expenses go on just catching up on movies. Easily manage to spend Rs 15,000 monthly. However I do feel Bangalore should have student concessions like Chennai.


Renin Mathew, Christ University:  I don’t shop much or have any unnecessary expenses. It is only auto fares and food. But budgeting hasn’t been hard for me. Luckily, my paying guest accommodation is just opposite my brother’s house. In my first year I spent around RS 10,000 and my paying guest accommodation took up Rs 3500. Now 2 years later I’m given Rs 5000 and the rest of the expenses my brother helps me with. For other expenses like shopping I prefer Muscat because it is less expensive compared to the branded ones in mall and we usually pay just for the name. Majority of the things we buy from Muscat are foreign made, where they originally come from.