Houston, Oct 22 :  Three people were killed and four were injured when a gunman open fired at a Milwaukee spa in Wisconsin at around 11 am. The firing was on a two-story building.

After further investigation a propane tank was found near the building baffling the police for it to be accidently left by a contractor or it being intentional.


Police suspect 45 year old Radcliffe Franklin Haughton who has surrendered all his weapons to the police. Turns out his wife worked at the same spa. Haughton has a history of abuse and has tried to harm is spouse n several occasion after which she moved to court. A restraining order was filed against Haughton from owning a firearm.

Brookfield Police Chief Dan Tushaus has said that they are unclear of Haughton’s motive. However the police is not looking for additional suspects and has claimed the community to be safe.


Police are yet to figure out order of event after interviewing several victims and suspects. After complicated inspection of the building and its several treatment rooms, Haughton’s body was found in a locked room.

Victims were taken to the nearby hospital and staff and been put on lock down.


It as been alleged that  tension between Haughton and his wife had reached serious levels of terrorism. Zina Haughton claims that her husband threatened to burn her with acid and kill the whole family with gas, also threatening to kill her if she contacted the police. Several rows between the couple were noticed by neighbors and friends where Haughton especially expressed neurotic behavior.

Although Zina Haughton said that her husband did not posses any guys, police do suspect that Haughton had a long black and silver object in his hand which they presume was a gun.

This is the second incident to take place this year, the first where Wade Michael Page a 40-year-old army veteran and white supremacist shot in a Gurudwara killing 6 sikhs.