In a country it’s hard to change mentalities, something that has been embedded in our culture for years and has not been let of yet. How modern is the ‘new’ generation? Why is it that even today a woman is judged whether she is in jeans or sari clad?

My very own classmates would say that people stare at you due to your red hair, make up and multiple piercing (which are now non existent). Well, I would agree that I did over do it, but none of them realize that all this was to rebel against what society perceives of young girls.

We don’t just want to party and wear short clothes, it doesn’t cross their minds that these same girls might be toppers or may have actually achieved something. This post is got nothing to do with sexual harassment but the ever so needed change of mentality that women’s welfare organization and feminist are working so hard to achieve.

If a girl is by chance harassed or raped in some dark alley, immediately she is blamed for being provocatively dressed or having an alluring personality. No one will know who this girl is or even her name or where she is from but judgments keeps pouring why is it so?

Same is it for relationships. If a woman has way too many affairs her character is questioned. Being divorced in India is worse than being single. No one sees the pain she goes through after a failed relationship, the trauma that is caused by lies and irreconcilable forces.

Being judged every time without any character slips and living up to the sati savitri  stereotype can be frustrating. Why it that a man is not is objectified with such questions and stereotype. Today the women have taken such a stand and leaving home does not seem to be an option to get what they want.

These girls are raised in an environment where fear of society and their hungry eyes to tarnish their image is cultivated deep into their morals and conscious. Why do men not make an effort to be more civilized in their thinking? If women are changing ways to fit into a male dominated world that means men have a higher power over then which should be so. To each is ones own and that’s how a strong independent woman is born.