For all those who think that only Bombay, Delhi and Bangalore are the ultimate shopping destinations in India, a trip to Chennai is definitely due. Flip open any lifestyle magazines and the hottest stores and eateries are opening in Chennai.

Be it greek cuisine, sushi or good old kababs, From designer stores to street markets, Chennai has it all.  Well spaced and brightly lit malls with extravagant cinema halls seems to have been a rampant  trend in Chennai. The same buyer probably head to T.nagar, Pondy bazaar and saukarpet in order to find unmatched steals.

Who would blame them? I myself took a trip to express avenue and city centre several times before heading to mint street and boy , do they have it all!  North Indian or south India, they everything that fits the diverse cultures and traditions. Mint street was packed with buys even on weekdays. Walking is not the option, being pushed for the next step is.

Mrs Singh,a homemaker and avid shopper says that she rather shop in street markets than in malls,’ I like malls but street markets are so interesting. There is something about rummaging through stores and looking for bargains that adds to the experience.  I would go to the mall to buy something specific and nothing more’

How true. Vimlesh, rakhi and accessory store owner says that street shopping will never die. ‘ everyone wants to go and find better deals than pay 3 times the price in a mall. Whether they shop in malls or in bazaar, street markets attracts all sorts of clients’ Vimlesh has quite an array of glistening rakhi from all over India. His store is swarmed by women during any special occasion.

Also not to forget, there is a stress busting factor attached to street shopping. A mall store will treat you well but not your wallet.

Krishna , a content writer spoke to us saying that she prefers mall over street marts, ‘ I get all the brands under one roof’, says Krishna ‘ though the good sold in malls may be expensive, they do assure a quality’ that however may be true. But its often a misconception that expensive things are good in quality. One can get equality ripped off.

Also now that malls are all over India, it seems to be a pass time or a Sunday ritual to hang out in a mall or to dine in food courts more than actually shop for branded goods.